Congratulations! You have made it to your final assessment for your diploma program. Well done.

To complete the program, you need to successfully pass the following assignments with a grade of 75% or above.

  1. Document 2 equine case studies, including 2 follow up appointments for each. (videos required).
  2. Document a portfolio of 10 equine cases. You will need to upload your clinical records (written notes) for these cases including case histories, notes on assessment and notes on treatment. (Videos NOT required).
  3. A thesis discussing a topic of your choosing that exemplifies your superior knowledge of osteopathy for animals.

You will find guidelines for all components of your final assessments in their respective tabs above, as well as in your Equine Clinical Workbook. You can complete these assignments at the same time, or one before the other. The order of completion does not matter.

The easiest and most concise way to complete your final assessments is by using the Clinical Workbook found at the beginning of your clinical training (see UNIT 1 introduction tab). If you have additional questions or need help with any part of your final assignment, we are here and ready for your inquiry. 

Last but not least... enjoy the journey these final assessments take you on! :)